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Hoffman Estates

by Nestle

Evergreen 08:16
Rosedale 07:41
Gannon 02:16
Jones 04:43
Hassell 05:51


The Nestle trio exists in performance.
The Nestle trio is listening.
The Nestle trio is a realization of visions.

The Nestle trio is an expression of being through doing. The Nestle trio has formulated this performance document under studio conditions with the intention that it speak for them in advance of their arrival: Hoffman Estates.

The venue for this performance was a studio nestled in the heart of suburban village Hoffman Estates, IL: a tributary that has fed the river of the usa music underground for years.

The Nestle trio of Robert Lundberg, Ryan Packard, and Cyrus Pireh respectively assembled an instrumentation of double bass and electronics; percussion, accordion, and electronics; and 9-string electric future lute to execute this performance.

To live and thrive in the current situation invokes a certain music: not a music to put on as background or a music to wear as a shirt or badge and gain entry into social sets.

A music that is the result of doing.
A music that is the result of people.
A music that exists as proof of existence.

In the near future, once our society can no longer continue to export culture, oil-based transport, medicine, and weap­ons, this will be the only music.

This music will sustain us long after we have polluted all the water and burned the forests.


ROBERT LUNDBERG makes music, takes photos, builds things, thinks about and drinks water. He has performed a wide range of music throughout the US, Canada, and Europe at venues including Carnegie Hall, JVC Jazz Festival and Newport Folk Festival. He earned his BFA from The New School in Jazz Performance where he was a student of bassists Mark Helias, Greg Cohen, John Hebert, and others. Additionally, he is a photographer and environmentalist currently pursuing graduate studies in Environment & Resources and Law at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

RYAN PACKARD is a percussionist, composer and sound artist. His sound installations have been featured at the MCA Chicago with Eighth Blackbird; Defibrillator with performance artist Victoria Bradford; and he has had solo shows at High Concept Labs, Constellation, and Experimental Sound Studio. Packard's works have been performed by Bodø Sinfonietta, Fonema Consort, Morton Feldman Chamber Players, AndPlay Duo, and Wiseacre String Quartet. As an improviser, Ryan performs regularly with Gunwale (Dave Rempis, Albert Wildeman), ZRL (Zach Good and Lia Kohl), Daniel Wyche, and 4eyes (Preston Beebe). He also composes for his band SWAM. He’s performed with Fonema Consort and, Dal Niente Ensemble, MOCREP, Fifth House Ensemble, Architek Percussion Ensemble, Chicago Composer’s Orchestra and Birthmark.

CYRUS PIREH was born in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, usa on March 22, 1981. Cyrus studied violin, electric guitar, saxophone, percussion, composition, music theory, electroacoustic music, and electrical theory. Cyrus holds BA and MA degrees in Music Composition from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. As a composer, Cyrus' works involve sign manipulation to keep the interpretive field open. As a performer, Cyrus is interested in the limits of body and self: always pushing towards a physical transcendence but working to situate that transcendence in the quotidian in order to live an everyday-life-transcendence. As an anarchist, Cyrus actively works to dismantle hierarchy and to heal the damages done by industry's division of people into performers and audience; producers and consumers. In music, it is not possible to obstruct one sound with another. All sounds combine to create one harmony. Humans in harmony liberate each other.


released November 3, 2017

Rob Lundberg: double bass & electronics
Ryan Packard: percussion, accordion & electronics
Cyrus Pireh: 9-string future lute

Recorded 3.18.2016
Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Matt Mehlan at The Stuudio.


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SHINKOYO is the ectoplasm connecting a group of composers, visual artists, improvisers, instrument builders, thinkers, scholars and conceptual artists exploring a new synthesis of sound and vision.

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