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Cyrus Pireh & Honduras

by Cyrus Pireh & Honduras

Concordia 17:14


This is a record made as part of an attempt to stop making records. The people who participated in the freezing of these sounds would rather that you know them then know the object that is said must stand-in for them. They would rather create this music for you in the moment anew each time you hear it. They would rather you participate instead of partake in this music and pick up horn or utterance adding your noise to theirs.

To create a vinyl record in 2013 is very much like creating a fossil or mummy. Why do this? In some ways the recorded sound is a type of universal language-- made evident by the near non-issue of the difference in spoken language between the players in the creation of this object. We are using the universal language to spread a warning. Something else is coming. Hone your ears. Practice listening to static. Re-connect your old over-air tv antennae. Play the runout groove of this record for 5 hours. Scream at a stranger on the street. Throw recyclables in the garbage. Watch the pollution sunset grow more vivid as we race forward. The next message will come in the language of tomorrow. The language of repetition. The language being now created to scream at the void we have been running from for centuries: the void within.

Cyrus Pireh is the world's greatest living electric guitarist. Further bio at: www.4gre.org/C/bio.html

A banda nace en 2005. Fue cuarteto, quinteto, sexteto, septeto y actualmente es un trio formado por Alejandro Leonelli (voz, bajo), Alex Kodric (guitarra) y Nicolás Kodric (órgano y bateria electronica).
Tienen 4 discos editados: Honduras 1 (2006), La única posición es la oposición (2008, azar023), Honduras 3 (2009, azar029) y Célula dormida (2010, azar33).

En 2007 graban una arriesgada versión en castellano de Sea Song de Robert Wyatt y en 2009, Gabriel Falciola (ex baterista de Honduras) y Alejandro Leonelli
forman parte de la banda que acompaña a Damo Suzuki en su segunda presentación en el ND/Ateneo, junto a Pez, Alan Courtis, Fernando Perales y Charly Zaragoza (de ÜL) y Hernán Espejo (de Compañero Asma).

La mayoría de los 50 recitales que dió la banda fueron como la Célula Dormida de
Honduras Libregrupo (CDHL), una formación reducida de la banda creada para presentarse en espacios pequeños o inhabilitados, con un repertorio estrictamente improvisado.


released September 3, 2013

side a: cyrus pireh "If I Can Play Fast Enough It Will Turn into Food and Shelter" (no effects or looping or overdubbing whatsoever were used in the recording of this track)

side b: cyrus + Honduras part 1 and 2

Recorded at Van Vliet Grabación BS. AS., Argentina, September 2011. Engineered and mixed by Hernán Calvo. Mastered by Josh Bonati.


cyrus pireh: 9 string electric guitar, classical guitar

Alejandro Leonelli:Bass
Alex Kodric: Electric and acoustic guitar
Nicolas Kodric:Synthesizer



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